Maintaining your septic tank is very important. When put off, it may cause serious, costly septic backups in your house and lawn. The cost of restoration after a backup can be enormous yet is completely avoidable with proper septic maintenance and care. Waste from these tanks may contaminate drinking water sources which not only can produce a smell, but it may potentially put the health of your family, your community, and the environment at risk.

To make sure your septic tank is running properly, you should have your septic tank cleaned at least once a year, but more frequently is recommended. Reddi Root’r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain offers lateral field cleanings and can restore clogged lateral fields by hydro jetting the lines. In addition we have products to reduce sludge getting into the lateral fields and also restores the field. This simple maintenance is less costly than replacing the lateral field lines and saves from tearing up the whole yard.

We know everyone has a busy schedule, that’s why Reddi Root’r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain makes it easy to stay on top of your septic tank maintenance by offering a septic tank maintenance program.

Here at Reddi Root’r, we understand what it takes to maintain a septic system. That’s why we provide specific services such as pumping and inspection to ensure your system continues to run smoothly, and to prevent any unnecessary problems. We have all sizes of pump trucks, so whether you have a small septic tank, or a large one, we can accommodate you. Call us at (316) 847-4277 for a quote today!

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