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  • Plumbing Services
    Whether you have a large, messy plumbing project, or a small clogged pipe, Reddi Root'r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain can get the job done with NO OVERTIME! Reddi Root'r provides Wichita and all of South Central Kansas with quality service for all of your standard residential and commercial plumbing needs. At Reddi Root'r, our expert plumbing staff brings over 50 years of experience to the table and we make sure the job gets done right. … more»
  • Drain Cleaning
    Slow running water or clogged drain? If you have problems with your drains being clogged, Reddi Root'r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain can help. You may need your drain cleaned if: Your shower, sink or bathtub drains very slowly Pouring boiling water down the drain does not help things start to move Your sink drain is gurgling Your toilet is backed up If you are noticing any of the above, Reddi Root'r can solve your problems. We c… more»
  • Trenchless Repairs
    If you think you may have a busted pipe, trenchless pipe repair may be the perfect solution for you. With Reddi Root'r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain top-notch plumbing technology, we can repair your pipes without digging up your entire lawn. Whether you have a problem with the outside sewer line, or an indoor pipe, our plumbers will be able to repair it with minimal invasion. Signs of a broken pipe include: Water backing up into home … more»
  • Water Heaters
    Most of us use hot water several times a day for cooking, cleaning, showering, and laundry. So when the water heater quits working or is having problems, it can be a big headache. But, if you live in the Wichita metro area, the experienced team at Reddi Plumbing can help. Whether it’s a tank storage or tankless model, we’ll get your gas or electric water heater repaired or replaced quickly. Water Heater Repair Obviously, i… more»
  • Video Inspection
    The plumbing industry has been evolving over the years. The use of video cameras has become very prevalent in the plumbing business. Previously, plumbers had no way of finding exactly where the problem was without digging first. With the video cameras, Reddi Root'r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain is able to tell exactly where the problem is before they do any work. This is also a necessity in trenchless pipe repair. These cameras are inse… more»
  • Septic Tanks
    Maintaining your septic tank is very important. When put off, it may cause serious, costly septic backups in your house and lawn. The cost of restoration after a backup can be enormous yet is completely avoidable with proper septic maintenance and care. Waste from these tanks may contaminate drinking water sources which not only can produce a smell, but it may potentially put the health of your family, your community, and the environmen… more»
  • Commercial Plumbing
    Commercial plumbing is another service Reddi Root'r Plumbing, Sewer & Drain offers. We can do the same work we do for residential plumbing except on a much longer scale and we also offer additional services such as maintenance. Whether you have a broken pipe, need your septic tank pumped, or just a drain cleaning, Reddi Plumbing can help you out. We are available day or night to fix your plumbing problems. We have an experienced st… more»
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