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About water softening equipment

Friday, July 10 2015 1:54 PM
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Water softeners are appliances connected to your home’s water supply that remove the minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause water hardness. Water softening equipment can be easily removed, so you can take it with you if you move. The most common method for producing soft water is through ion exchange, a process i… Read Article

Problems and Solutions for Hard Water Buildup

Wednesday, June 24 2015 2:17 PM
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What is Hard Water?Water is considered hard if it has a high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. These elements can be picked up by groundwater as it passes in and around soil and rocks. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon (GPG), parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L). The… Read Article

Preventative Maintenance for Drain Clogs

Wednesday, May 13 2015 9:23 AM
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In order to save yourself time, money and headaches, there are household items you can use to prevent clogs in your drains before they become a problem. Used regularly, they can help keep your drain free of obstructions and your water flowing freely. If you already have a clog, these items could possibly work depending on how … Read Article

Why is the Water from My Faucet a Strange Color?

Wednesday, May 6 2015 11:46 AM
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If the water from your faucets is coming out in funny colors, it can be an unsettling experience - especially if you're getting ready to cook or use the bathtub or shower. There are a variety of reasons this could be happening, and not all issues require service but some issues will. Here is a summary of why your water may have… Read Article

Big Changes to Water Heaters - New 2015 NAECA Energy Efficiency Standards

Monday, March 30 2015 11:41 AM
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On April 16, 2015, new Department of Energy requirements will take effect for water heaters manufactured and sold in the US. All water heaters produced after that date must have an increased energy factor (EF) as a result of updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). The changes will affect all residenti… Read Article

Test Your Sump Pump

Monday, March 2 2015 10:00 AM
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Spring is almost here, and in south central Kansas, that often means rain. That’s why you should test your sump pump now, and then every month or two through summer and fall. What Does a Sump Pump Do? Many homes use sump pumps to prevent ground water from getting into the basement or crawl space. Extra water can build u… Read Article

3 Ways to Deodorize a Stinky Garbage Disposal

Tuesday, February 24 2015 8:54 AM
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If you’ve noticed a funky smell lingering in your kitchen even after taking out the trash and cleaning the fridge, it could be your garbage disposal. Bits of food can get stuck to the grinder blades, leading to bacteria growth and a stinky sink. Here are 3 natural ways to clean and deodorize a smelly garbage disposal, us… Read Article

How to Maintain Your Septic Tank System

Thursday, February 5 2015 11:26 AM
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Septic systems are pretty low-maintenance. To keep your system odor-free and working properly, all you need to do is follow a few simple recommendations and get a periodic septic tank cleaning. How Does a Septic System Work? Septic systems do the work of a sewage treatment facility. They’re used when access to a publi… Read Article

Slow Water from your Faucet? Clean the Aerator.

Wednesday, January 28 2015 3:51 PM
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If you’ve noticed the water running out of your faucet or shower head has slowed to a trickle, a blocked aerator could be to blame. Fortunately, unclogging it is a simple fix. What is a Faucet Aerator? A faucet aerator is at the end of your water faucet. It adds air to your water to reduce splash and reduce th… Read Article