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Preventative Maintenance for Drain Clogs

Wednesday, May 13 2015 9:23 AM
Categorized In Drain Cleaning
In order to save yourself time, money and headaches, there are household items you can use to prevent clogs in your drains before they become a problem. Used regularly, they can help keep your drain free of obstructions and your water flowing freely. If you already have a clog, these items could possibly work depending on how … Read Article

Why is the Water from My Faucet a Strange Color?

Wednesday, May 6 2015 11:46 AM
Categorized In Plumbing
If the water from your faucets is coming out in funny colors, it can be an unsettling experience - especially if you're getting ready to cook or use the bathtub or shower. There are a variety of reasons this could be happening, and not all issues require service but some issues will. Here is a summary of why your water may have… Read Article