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Do I Need a Backup Sump Pump?

Friday, April 21 2017 8:56 AM
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Wichita has seen a fair share of flooding in its 147 year history. With most of the city on a floodplain and the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers flowing through downtown, the first half of the 20th century almost saw Wichita get washed away. The “Big Ditch” and other efforts have greatly improved flood control, … Read Article

Professional Drain Cleaning Versus Home Remedies

Friday, December 23 2016 2:21 PM
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It can be difficult to know whether you should attempt to clean your drains on your own or call a professional. A drain clog that you fix yourself with home remedies can give the illusion that the problem is solved, but that isn’t always the case. Many times, using a chemical cleaner, plunger, or drain snake will only re… Read Article

Simple Steps to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Monday, November 14 2016 10:20 AM
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Frozen pipes are something homeowners in Kansas have to be prepared for, due to the freezing winter weather. When frozen water lines burst, they can quickly cause flooding and expensive water damage to your home. Here are some easy preventive measures you can take to help minimize the risk.   Unhook the Garden Hose A fro… Read Article

Reduce Hair In Your Pipes With a Drain Filter

Tuesday, August 30 2016 10:11 AM
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Clogged drains are the most common household plumbing problem. One of the main clog-causing culprits? Hair. Hair buildup causes slow drains and messy backups that render your sink, shower or tub unusable until the drains are cleared. What’s worse, over time these buildups can cause mainline clogs in your sewer pipes, whi… Read Article

How to Become a Professional Plumber

Monday, July 11 2016 3:18 PM
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The plumbing trade is a popular career choice, and it’s no wonder...even in a slow economy, people always need plumbing services! This means, though, that getting into the profession is increasingly competitive, and early preparation can be key. While the requirements for becoming a professional plumber vary by state, he… Read Article

How to Drain a Water Heater

Friday, April 15 2016 3:48 PM
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Your water heater is like anything else your home – it needs maintenance from time to time. Rather than ignoring it until there is a problem, you can be proactive to ensure you get the most life possible from your water heater by draining the tank once a year to get rid of any built-up sediment and minerals that may hinde… Read Article

How to Prevent Frozen Pipe Bursting

Thursday, January 21 2016 9:34 AM
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Even during mild years, winter in Kansas usually means bitter cold and harsh winds. Freezing temperatures can cause unprotected water lines to freeze, creating a big mess and costly damage if they burst. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways you can protect your pipes and prevent a catastrophe. What Causes Pipes to Burst? … Read Article

Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

Friday, December 11 2015 4:03 PM
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Having your water heater go out on you is an inconvenience no one wants to deal with, but eventually it will happen. Most people don’t know what signs to look for when a water heater is failing, so here are four ways to determine whether or not your water heater is on its last legs. Old Water Heaters You should be aware… Read Article

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Wednesday, December 9 2015 2:55 PM
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This holiday season you’ll be gathering with friends and family at various gatherings and parties to share in the spirit of the season. But with the rise in large groups of people celebrating together in one place, this is also a time of year when there is added pressure on your plumbing system and, as a result, emergency… Read Article

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

Monday, October 26 2015 12:45 PM
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Winter in Kansas can bring frigid temperatures and high winds, both of which can cause big problems for unprotected water pipes. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent costly damage from a burst pipe. 1. Winterize outside faucets. Since they’re exposed to the elements, this is an especially important… Read Article

The History of Toilet Paper

Wednesday, September 30 2015 11:46 AM
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In America, toilet paper is one of those things we tend to take for granted, unless it’s not there. But have you ever wondered what people did before it was invented, and how long it’s been in use? The answers might surprise you. Before Toilet Paper Before toilet paper, people mainly used whatever was free and rea… Read Article

Tips to Conserve Water in Your Home

Thursday, September 10 2015 11:52 AM
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Finding ways to cut down our water usage has been a hot topic of late, but how exactly do we do it? Reducing water usage will become more and more important in years to come, so here are some easy ways you can start today. Shower or Bath? If you’re looking to conserve water, a short shower is the best way to go. A bath … Read Article

About water softening equipment

Friday, July 10 2015 1:54 PM
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Water softeners are appliances connected to your home’s water supply that remove the minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause water hardness. Water softening equipment can be easily removed, so you can take it with you if you move. The most common method for producing soft water is through ion exchange, a process i… Read Article

Problems and Solutions for Hard Water Buildup

Wednesday, June 24 2015 2:17 PM
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What is Hard Water?Water is considered hard if it has a high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. These elements can be picked up by groundwater as it passes in and around soil and rocks. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon (GPG), parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L). The… Read Article

Preventative Maintenance for Drain Clogs

Wednesday, May 13 2015 9:23 AM
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In order to save yourself time, money and headaches, there are household items you can use to prevent clogs in your drains before they become a problem. Used regularly, they can help keep your drain free of obstructions and your water flowing freely. If you already have a clog, these items could possibly work depending on how … Read Article

Why is the Water from My Faucet a Strange Color?

Wednesday, May 6 2015 11:46 AM
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If the water from your faucets is coming out in funny colors, it can be an unsettling experience - especially if you're getting ready to cook or use the bathtub or shower. There are a variety of reasons this could be happening, and not all issues require service but some issues will. Here is a summary of why your water may have… Read Article

Big Changes to Water Heaters - New 2015 NAECA Energy Efficiency Standards

Monday, March 30 2015 11:41 AM
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On April 16, 2015, new Department of Energy requirements will take effect for water heaters manufactured and sold in the US. All water heaters produced after that date must have an increased energy factor (EF) as a result of updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). The changes will affect all residenti… Read Article

Test Your Sump Pump

Monday, March 2 2015 10:00 AM
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Spring is almost here, and in south central Kansas, that often means rain. That’s why you should test your sump pump now, and then every month or two through summer and fall. What Does a Sump Pump Do? Many homes use sump pumps to prevent ground water from getting into the basement or crawl space. Extra water can build u… Read Article

3 Ways to Deodorize a Stinky Garbage Disposal

Tuesday, February 24 2015 8:54 AM
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If you’ve noticed a funky smell lingering in your kitchen even after taking out the trash and cleaning the fridge, it could be your garbage disposal. Bits of food can get stuck to the grinder blades, leading to bacteria growth and a stinky sink. Here are 3 natural ways to clean and deodorize a smelly garbage disposal, us… Read Article

How to Maintain Your Septic Tank System

Thursday, February 5 2015 11:26 AM
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Septic systems are pretty low-maintenance. To keep your system odor-free and working properly, all you need to do is follow a few simple recommendations and get a periodic septic tank cleaning. How Does a Septic System Work? Septic systems do the work of a sewage treatment facility. They’re used when access to a publi… Read Article